Environment : The Foundation Of Human Nature Essay

Environment : The Foundation Of Human Nature Essay

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Environment: The foundation of human nature
"The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself." This quote by Mark Cain rightly describes the transition of the protagonist "Sylvia" to the new environment in the story "The White Heron". Generally, people have more fondness for the surroundings or the environment they first find themselves in and usually find it hard to calibrate themselves physically and mentally to the new environment. On the contrary, people who have more adaptability and who do not limit themselves to a certain place have no trouble when they find themselves in a new environment or a situation. In the short story by Sarah Orne Jewett, A White Heron, Sylvia is a young girl who was born in the city of the New England. However, she moves out with her grandmother in a small village in New England where she found herself much comfortable and associated as compared to the busy town life she was born in. According to the quote discussed earlier, Sylvia did not tend to be captive of the environment where she was raised however, she started a new life in the village amongst nature, animals, and birds where she found herself more connected to her surroundings. As her name suggests Sylvia was truly a "woods girl" who found herself deeply connected with all the animals, birds, and natural climatic surroundings. Jewett, further with her vibrant descriptions in her short story, "A White Heron", describes how the protagonist, "Sylvia", transitioned from being in childhood to adolescence through the physical, cultural and socioeconomic factors that impacted her life.
The Physical environment plays a vital role in the growth and development of human bei...

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...ends in this village and so, on encountering a new person she is shy. As the extent to which children engage in social activities are influenced by cultural conditions, here the rural culture plays a role in her behavior because she engages with her natural surroundings for such activities. And had she been living in an urban settlement and engaged in activities with other children she might have been less shy.
To sum up, author aptly describes the impact of rural life on the protagonist, Sylvia and how the physical, cultural, and socioeconomic factors of the surroundings of the village transformed her merely in a year. This close proximity to the natural surrounding played the basis for her values, generous behavior and her consideration for the animals and birds. And the relationship she formed with the natural beings helped her come to an ethical decision

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