The Environment Of The Water Cycle Essay

The Environment Of The Water Cycle Essay

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The water cycle also gets affected from human interaction with the environment. When we urbanized places we affect the ground water, which in turn affects the water cycle. Urbanizing areas and putting companies and gas station’s that produce waste is not good for the water cycle. The pollutants from these places seep into the ground and pollute the groundwater and make it harder for that water to come back to the surface clean. It takes years for this to naturally occur and when we interact with it like that it takes even longer and affects the cleanliness. The water cycle is constant and happens naturally without our involvement. So when we make it harder for the water cycle do keep itself running it is detrimental to the whole world.
We use the environments recourses and convert them into energy. Some are renewable like wind power and hydropower while others are not like fossil fuels. Intention or not some of the ways that we are doing this have very harmful effects on the environment. Fossil fuels are not renewable. There is a finite amount in the world of it and once it is gone it will not return. Burning fossil fuels is even worse than digging for it. It pollutes the air and gets greenhouse gasses trapped in the atmosphere which is a contributor to climate change and global warming. Oil spills happen, and companies take up large areas of land to do their digging. Those things are bad, but we have learned of other ways of producing energy that is sustainable. We use renewable resources like wind power, hydropower, geothermal, biofuels, solar power, nuclear energy and a few others. We strive to produce our power naturally with limited harm to the environment. Of course with nearly all of them cause a little bit of harm, and som...

... middle of paper ... none on how we treat animals. We did go over how necessary biodiversity is but that was about it. Humans interact with animals just as much as they interact with all other parts of the environment so I thought it would be fitting to cover the interaction. Another thing I was hoping to get covered in class was our landfills because I still am unsure of how these work. We did talk about them a little bit when we went over recycling but not much after. Landfills is one way of how we interact with our environment because we just stick all of our waste is one area and leave it there and assume that that could not be good for the environment. Also I would have liked to learn more about food. Like locally grown and if it is efficient and if we should stop buying from big corporations. That was never really mentioned, but I thought would be very interesting to talk about.

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