Essay on The Environment and Socioeconomic Issues: A Common Thread

Essay on The Environment and Socioeconomic Issues: A Common Thread

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The physically of the environmental problems facing Nepal, Korea, and the Russian Fareast are overwhelmingly evident and unfortunately, impossible to ignore. They are factual burdens on these countries’ socioeconomic welfare. Nevertheless, a candid comparison to the Australian and the American experience insinuates a prevailing conflict in values towards the “political importance” of environment problems in lure of necessary social development. According to Elson Strahan’s (2000) article Comparative Environmental Policy: Australia and the U.S., he questions what set of values that will ultimately drive policymakers in these two countries, and thus “…environmental policies must be considered in the context of values and ethics-for this is the heart of political and social agendas” ( p.26). Thus, in following this reference, a socioeconomic continuum on environmental values (emphasizing the transformation of a society into adapting postmodern values) is generated and concludes: how does sustainable environmental policy ramify these sociality ills that have led to each countries’ severe environmental degradation, yet, at the same time, still be in alliance with economic growth and development?
The logical semantics indicates that each country is designated in the traditional time-developed synchronization of an agricultural to industrial to Postmodern society as the measurement tool to administer effective environmental policy. In other words, using the American and European developed countries’ experience as the template. But on any level of social development, the strong salient issues leading to the current state of environmental degradation are in a state of continual concession as each country tries to identify the most pre...

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...ioning the fundamental underlying motivations of democracy and its ascension into a Postmodern economy, while Australia is considered in the Postmodern group despite…“its (economic) characteristics that better define an underdeveloped nation with little economic diversification” (Strahan, 2000, p.26). Yet, the Korea experience is totally engulfed in the elixirs that are associated with continual economic growth.
Shall we say this confliction of values merits an alternative outlook to the traditional time-developed synchronization into a Postmodern society. For instance, “by involving the entire stakeholders-public and private alike-and looking first to ethical values, solutions can be found that reflect progressive public policy-or what Inglehart considers Postmaterialist values” (Strahan, 2000, p. 27) in the aforementioned country’s current socioeconomic status.

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