Essay about Entrepreneurship within the Health Care Industry

Essay about Entrepreneurship within the Health Care Industry

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Health care industry has grown over the last 20 years. With technology advancing and health care growing entrepreneurships have flourished independently and corporate wide. This paper will touch on the affects of entrepreneurship in health care, describe the positive and negative ways that entrepreneurship has affected the health care field, give an example of a current entrepreneurial business, and how it has affected the way patients receive service.
The United States has more Nobel Prize winners then any other country because of the commitment to innovations in health care. Corporations as John Hopkins Health (JHH) and The Institute for National Health (NIH) are always looking for innovations to cure disease. If it were not for these health care corporations, health care technology would not be where it is today. Society shops for deals on vacations, cars, hotels, airfare, even computers, but never for health care until the last 10-15 years. Shopping for health care is a part of every day living in the United States. Living without a computer is almost unheard of today. Many health care organizations have websites to guide the population toward the health care needed. People do not like going to the doctors, with the advanced technology people and search web sites such as WebMD, eHealthinsurance, and local hospital sites to find information on disease, illnesses, drugs, research, treatments, and insurance options. Innovations and entrepreneurships have opened many opportunities up for the health care entrepreneur and for the people seeking health care advice and information.
The positive and negative aspects of entrepreneurships have surfaced in today’s society. Health information use to be a pencil and paper industry; howev...

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.... If an employee seeks care from a physician who has privileges at the particular hospital and admits to the organization, employees receive lower co-pays. This innovation secures hospital admissions and services.
Entrepreneurship within health care is growing larger each year. Entrepreneurships are being sought by individuals and health care organizations. Health care organizations have begun to assist individual entrepreneurs by opening physician’s practices within the health care organization and surrounding areas. It has become tough with the current economy for physicians and certain health care entrepreneurs to begin a business; the capital is just not there. If the physician or business partner has tenacity, energy, sound work ethics, and initiative, most health care organizations will take the risk to support the innovations and opportunity for growth.

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