Essay on Entrepreneurship and Success

Essay on Entrepreneurship and Success

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I believe that being Entrepreneur is an American dream; who would not want to choose their own hours and have a successful business that they could leave behind as a legacy? I also believe that they are very few people that have the skills and qualities to be successful at achieving entrepreneurship; this is partly due to many Entrepreneurs lacking the skills to build around their vision. I thinks that’s why some people believe that entrepreneurs are born and not made, for it is indicated in our assigned reading Entrepreneurship 8th Edition, that the working definition of acquiring and maintain Entrepreneurship is described as ““Entrepreneurship being in the process of creating something new with value by devoting the necessary time and effort; assuming the accompanying financial, psychic, and social risks and un- certainties; and receiving the resulting rewards of monetary and personal satisfaction.” (Hirsch Robert D., 2009).
I consider myself to have been a born entrepreneur but lack the skills to follow through with the focus, time, energy, creative and the necessary resources. As one can tell I began my journey naive thinking the vision and effort was enough to reach the American Dream. Another major lesson I quickly learned that I worked harder and committed longer hours for myself then I had, when working on a job. This was totally opposite of what I envision Entrepreneurship to be. Never the less, it was all an experience that I found rewarding and stressful for a short period of time.
When finding a successful entrepreneur to write about, I wanted to choose someone that I could possible identify with. The person I found in Pro quest to be most interesting was a female name Lisa Price....

... middle of paper ...

...ccess. Lisa found a need and the community and stuck by it.
The most important part of this Bio that I would like to take with me and give to others is that empowerment comes from within through confidence, faith , strength , creativity and resources.

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