Entrepreneurship: Advice on Starting a Business Essay

Entrepreneurship: Advice on Starting a Business Essay

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The venture to be the owner of an accounting and tax service provider is not a small task, and you have realized the challenges that many experience in starting their own business. Fortunately, you have taken steps early within the life of your new business in an attempt to correct any problems and learn from past mistakes in order to be successful in the future. In our previous communications you mention that you started your own business because you wanted to work in your own community, have the flexibility of owning your own business, while also being able to make a good living, and these are all worthy motivators for a fledgling business owner. You have earned your degree and your certified public accountant (CPA) designation, which has allowed you to realize success as an employee of a popular accounting firm. While employed at the firm, you were able to progressively take on greater responsibilities during your tenure and gain much needed experience; however, starting and managing a business requires some additional skillsets. Regina, you have proven that you are a bright individual with the necessary resourcefulness and skills to be a certified professional accountant and open your own business, and I am confident that you will be able to gain the skills needed to be successful with your business, and to become an effective leader.

I commend your ability to grow your clientele quickly, having the forethought to hire additional CPAs to be able to handle the influx of business that is relative to the tax season, as well as hiring Lisa to provide administrative support for the office. Through the gathering of information from our discussions, interviewing staff, analyzing customer surveys, review of financial docu...

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