Essay on Entrepreneurs : The Place Of Entrepreneurs Inside Discourse Communities

Essay on Entrepreneurs : The Place Of Entrepreneurs Inside Discourse Communities

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Entrepreneur (Noun) [ahn-truh-pruh-nurz]: a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk (“entrepreneur.”). In most professions, discourse communities exist as a means of communication between other members of the same profession, though the technical definition of discourse community is still disputed. Both students studying entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs themselves take an interesting role in discourse communities, as aforementioned communities can be hostile to entrepreneurs. However, entrepreneurs can take on significant roles in discourse communities in ways that seemingly defy many definitions of discourse community. This is why it is important to inquire into the place of entrepreneurs inside discourse communities. By looking at relationships that entrepreneurs hold, placing those relationships inside existing conflicting definitions of discourse communities, and identifying the inverse way entrepreneurs act within certain discourse communities, a better overarching view of an entrepreneur’s role in discourse communities can be found.
Finding that role can be difficult. Unlike any other profession, entrepreneurs speckle job markets ranging from law to medicine, exercise to food, and toys to productivity tools. Entrepreneurs can also create entire new job markets, such as the ones who pioneered modern computing in the 1940s. ("Timeline of Computer History: Computers Entries.") What separates entrepreneurship from other jobs is the non-communal knowledge which is required for the various jobs entrepreneurs take. For example, an accountant who works for a professional sports team will require the exact same skill set as an accountant who works for...

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...the business owner provides them with what it. However, this is where authors such as Swales might have a case for stricter definitions of discourse community, as this communication does not necessarily happen through discourse, or the specific use of words to communicate. It can also be communicated through buyer behavior, which would not fit the definition of discourse.
Entrepreneurs hold an interesting role in discourse communities. In some aspects, they defy them. In others, they embody them. In most, they are the glue that holds discourse communities together by making them progressive. Unlike other vocations, entrepreneurs require a knowledge of not only the discourse community subject, but also wisdom on what, when, and where to share ideas to improve their success in risky situations. Entrepreneurship is the anomaly of the concept of discourse community.

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