The Entrance Of The Art Gallery Essay

The Entrance Of The Art Gallery Essay

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Within the town of Amity, there are a plethora of meaningful symbols, ideas, and important concepts based upon Transcendentalism. These concepts have dictated the structure of the school system, government, spiritual meeting areas, and all locations of the buildings and leisure areas within the community. These concepts are integrated into every aspect of Amity, but could easily be forgotten without a display of artwork seen by all community members since infancy located in the schoolhouse. This art gallery serves as an effective reminder of all of the Transcendentalist concepts that are of paramount importance in Amity. Within these paintings, photos, and drawings lies the major values that the town aims to instill in all community members. These ideals include individualism and nonconformity to society, simplicity and self reliance, and the importance of a human and nature connection.
One drawing, created by Jordyn Carroll, is displayed at the entrance of the art gallery. In Carroll 's drawing, a vast landscape is illustrated that incorporates various types of florets and vegetation. In the center of this piece of artwork, a long stream is depicted that contains a school of fish swimming upstream. Noticeably however, also within stream, lies a lone red fish swimming happily against the current separated from the other fish. Furthermore, in the center of the drawing is a quote from Malcolm Muggeridge that reads "Only dead fish swim with the stream". In Amity, a connection to this idea of " not swimming with the stream" is recognized in one Ralph Wando Emerson 's biggest philosophies of individualism. Emerson states " Insist on yourself; never imitate... of the adopted talent of another you have only an extemporaneous half posse...

... middle of paper ... one cohesive unit that work together to create balance and peace in the universe. This painting stands as a reminder of how crucial nature truly is to humanity and how citizens must always honor and respect nature, because it is the outlet of understanding the human mind and is what strengthens humanity in a spiritual and religious sense.
These three pieces of artwork influence Amity 's community members and their way of viewing the world around them. These masterpieces demonstrate not only the encouragement of individualism, but also the beauty in a simplistic lifestyle and being self sufficient, and the relationship between man, nature, and spirituality. Without these drawings, photos, and paintings, some of the foremost important ideals created by Amity 's founders may be forgotten, and therefore, the art gallery plays a staggering and vital role in Amity.

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