Entertainment Media´s Influence on Youth Essay

Entertainment Media´s Influence on Youth Essay

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Even though Some Hollywood entertainment can teach teen’s moral values and lessons, Hollywood makes teens reckless because teens think if it can happen in the movies it can happen in reality and teens want to do what the ''big'' actors do. Entertainment media, in all of its various forms, has had a tremendous impact on how we should think, perform and desire to be. The public are lead to believe the movies, TV shows, etc. are all real happenings. “The Hollywood industry is one of the most powerful and influential enterprises in the world, its visual voice heard around the globe” (Lowson).

“The Hollywood entertainment industry has become increasingly influential so that society now looks towards them to develop their standards, teach values, and provide morals” (Kelly). People have begun to “copycat” what they see any celebrity do on national television. Society takes personally the actions of what their idols do. There are plenty of good morally right entertainment in the world but there is also plenty of morally wrong entertainment, people will follow what they here almost precisely to the word. “Certainly, we have mimicked people in Hollywood by copying dance moves (e.g., Michael Jackson), dress styles (e.g., Don Johnson in Miami Vice) or action moves (e.g., Spiderman)” (Kelly).

“However negative images are now being portrayed as cool so much of our younger society is not only imitating these Hollywood figures, but also endangering themselves. People talk about Hollywood and how influential it is but the truth is for many years, Hollywood has forced negative images on society at large” (Kelly). Hollywood figures don’t take in account that younger people will follow their actions. When a teen see’s their idol on the move ...

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...thy messages will soon become the norm.” (Kelly).

Society should depend less on what they watch and more on reality. If the world were influenced less by Hollywood then we would be guided on our own personal values and beliefs. We should rely less on what we see on TV and more on our personal experiences.

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