Entertainment And Its Effect On Society Essay

Entertainment And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Every morning along with my alarm, I am greeted by notifications from the news, social media, and celebrities. Throughout my day I continue to experience literature, news, and social media. Before bed, like countless other teenagers, I like to relax by watching a TV show on the ever-popular streaming website, Netflix. Needless to say, entertainment is always present in today 's society. Entertainment has the capacity to be informative and enjoyable: a source of relaxation and mindless fun. However, it is what we, as members of society, do with entertainment that determines the impact it will have on our society. While it can be beneficial, entertainment does indeed have the capacity to “ruin.” Not only does the broader entertainment industry go so far as to demean the ideas of respect and overall morality while limiting real social interaction, it also provides limitless opportunities for humans to make what they want from its many forms. Thus, entertainment does have the capacity to “ruin” society.

Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest. These are only a few of the websites that have become omnipresent in the typical teenager’s life. First launched in 2004, Facebook seemed like the perfect means to connect with old friends and take part in organizations. Eleven years later, the social media industry has snowballed from its original purpose of simply a network for interaction. Most likely launched by the incredible popularity of Facebook, other networks have popped up. According to The Huffington Post, 71% of teenagers engage in more multiple social media networks, 24% of these teenagers admit to checking social media almost constantly. Scrolling, posting, and liking are actions ingrained into the brains of millions of young a...

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...e lists of movie-viewers worldwide, and those not only showcase entertaining stories but also teach lessons of life to children. T.V. shows truly are an outlet for millions of people. Characters create relatability and therefore inspiration for viewers while the storylines provide insight to other aspects of life, similar to the lessons learned through reading a novel.

While all of the good that each of the forms of entertainment provide is certainly not to be forgotten, it is the capacity that entertainment has to create ruin in society that tends to prevail in this contemporary society. The effect entertainment has on society is truly up to the viewers, so it isn’t inherently negative. However, as it is humanity that provides the input for the entertainment industry, society experiences the output; thus entertainment has the capacity to turn society into ruin.

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