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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has become one of the information system (IS) that most organisations globally have operating within them. The discourse delivered by Damien Sullivan have highly associated his experience with ERP alongside with how the involvement of people – highlighting on the term of leadership, have steered and given impact towards the implementation of ERP within organisation. ERP have become so prevalent because it advances an organisation’s operation in a more efficient manner.

Sullivan has shortly defined that ERP is a “business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate back office functions”. Besides that, it delivers a tactical significance as for its operation that have been integrated into the core business process could steadfastly affect the performance of an organisation (Ke and Wei, 2007; Sambamurthy et. al, 2003; Hoch and Dulebon, 2013). Though the ERP have been visualised reflecting good benefits to organisations that are using it, Sullivan stated that “handling software is easy, it is the people management that are difficult”. On a personal take, it is deduced that even though the best step-by-step ERP implementation is being done, it will still not deliver its intended function if the right person and/or team to lead, operate or hold accountability of is not being put into position. This has also been widely discussed over a number of literature stating that leadership has emerged as being the most influential reason that affects the success factors for ERP implementation (Umble et. al, 2002; Bingi et. al, 1999; Ke and Wei, 2007).

Having previously attached to various organisations and worked close...

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