Enterprise Culture & Strong Management Essay

Enterprise Culture & Strong Management Essay

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Enterprise culture & Strong management
Tim Hortons(TH) has one of the most famous enterprise cultural construction in Canada, and it becomes a national culture. As a well-known coffee shop, TH has already created an idealized brand image. According to a resource from The Globe and Mail, the whole idea of TH is a home feeling (Friesen, 2014). In addition, RBI has the strong management team. The new leadership team has decades experience of combined restaurant industry, and included senior executives from both TH and Burger King(BK).
Drive-thru service
RBI has the drive-thru service, and this type of service brings 70% of sales revenue to BK. As Rodrigo indicates that although there are many competitors provide drive-thru service, BK has obvious advantages on effectiveness. According to the data, a drive-thru location of BK records that there were 263 vehicles through in one hour. This is the world record for the most vehicles through a drive-thru in one hour (Schwan, 2016).
Direct supplier
TH focusses on resources; as a result, they have its direct supplier. The report mentions that TH made a partnership with Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung Foundation, which called Tim Hortons Coffee Partnership. In addition, TH has its own distribution company which is an effective way to cut down costs.

Brands Reputation
Both restaurants have a reputation of being very unhealthy; BK has had this reputation for many years and TH unhealthiness has only come to light more recently. The problem is, is that once these restaurants develop this reputation in society it is very hard to reverse; society is becoming more health conscious and if a restaurant does not match their health expectations they will not visi...

... middle of paper ...

...eese to crispy chicken sandwiches. These are still not healthy foods, instead they should make a whole separate menu based on healthy options, so that customers that do come, can have the option of healthy alternatives.
High Calorie and Low Nutritional Food
BK would have a similar approach to fit in with healthier foods but it may not have the same outcome. Since BK is specifically known as a burger joint, they should not distance themselves far from that image because if they try to disguise themselves as a healthy option, people will still associate that name with tasty, high calorie and low nutritional food. A different approach that BK could take is to stick with the burger reputation because, just because a large percentage of the population is going healthy, does not eliminate everyone else who still wants an unhealthy burger and fries that tastes good.

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