Enhancing Young Minds : Parents Have The Greatest Mental Effect Of Their Children

Enhancing Young Minds : Parents Have The Greatest Mental Effect Of Their Children

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Brittney Turman
Mr. Jones
English 101-002
8 April 2016
Enhancing Young Minds
Parents have the greatest mental effect of their children. It is possible that they are able to mold their child’s mind into the highest brain power with hard work and consistency. Possible teaching methods, if used on a consistent basis can raise a child 's intelligence as far as the parent is willing to take it. The most important trait a parent would want for their child to develop is intelligence. The brain functions like everything else, and it needs to be used if it 's going to function at its best capacity. Parents can raise smarter children by encouraging them with books and to follow intellectual pursuits instead of handing them an electronic device so that they are self-entertained. This is why they should take the time and read to their children daily. Reading to a child between the ages two through five can have an intriguing impact on the child’s mind, increase communication skills, build discipline and many other excellent outcomes. Everyone wants outstanding, smart children, which is why parents go the extra mile in looking for brilliant schools and teachers. They begin to forget that they also have a job in guiding their child academically.
One of the key benefits of reading to toddlers and preschoolers is to expand their intellect and higher potential in general. The more children know the better, and the greater the possibilities are for them towards successful futures. Reading to children aloud can increase their academic behavior, and help them develop positive associations with books and new words. This makes learning more understanding for children. In fact, “Numerous studies have shown that students who are exposed to reading b...

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...ty that will bring children closer to their parents. Snuggling together before bed time, or Sunday morning reading, and a closer connection will begin to rekindle. This emotional closeness will ease difficult transitions, as well as impart important lessons, heal personal pain, and celebrate family life.
Nowadays, you see many parental figures set negative examples for their child through ignorance, bad behavior problems, and just plain idiocy. Because of this, it 's more likely that their children will become a generation with the same ignorant behavior that they were raised around. If these parents decide to do more positive things for their child, perhaps the bad picture of parents nowadays will diminish. The prime key to knowledge in this world can only be gained by reading, and if parents want their children to be smart, they have to acquire a love for reading.

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