Enhancing Vocabulary Acquisition Through Computer Assisted Language Learning

Enhancing Vocabulary Acquisition Through Computer Assisted Language Learning

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Vocabulary is an important segment to acquire language proficiency. There is a reciprocal relationship between Vocabulary knowledge and Reading Comprehension. Vocabulary acquisition is an important aspect of L2 which leads to academic achievements. This paper focuses on the possibilities to enhance the vocabulary acquisition and reading comprehension with the help of computer assisted language learning programmes.
Reading Comprehension
Reading is an active skill that involves the reader, the text, and the interaction between the two. The acquisition of reading skills is a very important aspect of L1 as well as L2 or Foreign Language literacy. Reading in a L2 or FL is a dynamic and interactive process, during which learners make use of a variety of skills and strategies, combined with background knowledge, L1- related knowledge and real-world knowledge to arrive at an understanding of written material. Many variables play a role in L2/FL reading comprehension. Among the most important are L1 literacy, the use of both top-down and bottom-up strategies, activating background knowledge, the use of various reading skills and vocabulary knowledge.
Several researchers have argued that vocabulary plays a major part in reading proficiency. Grabe stresses the important role of vocabulary as predictor of overall reading ability and Natin states that effective L2/FL instruction should also concentrate on cultivating vocabulary. Chanier and Selva also stress the fact that vocabulary knowledge is a key factor in reading comprehension and so does Groot, who argues that functional L2 reading proficiency requires mastery of a co...

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... approach. But some critics object to the use of modern technologies in teaching English on the ground that the computer software relies on stimulus-reaction principle and drill oriented. However, CALL is found to be useful in motivating the students to acquire vocabulary knowledge and reading comprehension.
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