Essay on Enhancing Northeast Asian Security

Essay on Enhancing Northeast Asian Security

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Having been so problematic for ages, the conflict over the Korean Peninsula does not seem to be sooner ended after Cheonan incident which is even worsening the situation indeed. Even though many countries in the world are focusing on how North Korea and South Korea come up with such satisfactory ratified solution. External interference is playing a crucial role in this issue especially the participation of U.S. and Japan that have officially announced to support South Korea when attacked. On the other hand, China and Russia are doing the same thing. Also, this seems to be more controversial in such a way that those countries are mutually challenging.
China, U.S., and Russia are nuclear holders and ate fit in UN Security Council as well. So, in case of North Korea and South Korea conflict, they will definitely take action in order to protect the supported countries – North Korea by China and Russia; while, South Korea by U.S. and Japan. However, South Korea now is requesting North Korea to acknowledge the Cheonan incident thanks to the proven evidences. In the meantime, North Korea still insisted on the nuclear programme with the reason of national security interest which is harming U.S. and Japan to block North Korea and China also will not be reluctant to react the U.S. action. These will make more problematic in Korean Peninsula for sure. However, countries over the world are also looking forward to seeing the peaceful end of the story.
After the World War II, Northeast Asia: China, Japan, North Korea, and South Korea, has been apparent by the absence of multilateral institutions. When comparing between Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia, SEA has much further overtaken NEA in the growth of multilateral institutio...

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... North Korea as the nuclear holding countries.
3. North Korea has to announce their standing point and declare that they insist upon having nuclear power for creative and peaceful purpose and also the need of having nuclear power. However, other members in 6 body talks have to allow North Korea for their own independent decision-making.
4. All six body talk members shall brainstorm and plan some certain practical policies for bettering the conflict by forming multilateral negotiation forum in order to pick up some practically helpful ideas from the member countries. Also, both sides of political ideologies are not allowed to encroach upon one another rights and need to respect when decisive policies are launched. Trustworthiness and sincerity are still needed to compromise the problematic conflicts over the Korean Peninsula and among members relationship as well.

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