Enhancing Focus on Airplane Security and Safety Essay

Enhancing Focus on Airplane Security and Safety Essay

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Everyday, millions of people throughout the world fly on airplanes to get to their destination. They have allowed people to travel to exotic places or just simply granted the ability for family members to see each other even if they are long distances apart. It is a convenient and effective means of transportation that is continuously growing and has a limitless future. Additionally, they are a structure with the potential to do a lot of good in this world and are a gift to all. However, like most gifts, someone is out to abuse them. Unfortunately, in the past decade, airplanes have become the focus of inhuman threats and dangers that should have never have occurred. On top of that, the ones who take care of the planes we fly on have not entirely been monitoring them like they should which makes the threat and danger levels even higher. In order to halt the dangers, the airports and airlines have mainly focused on securing airports, which helps immensely, but have left the airplanes themselves open to mistakes and attacks. As a second measure of security and safety, airlines should not only focus on airport security and safety, but also airplane security and safety by stressing tough maintenance, developing an emergency autopilot system, personnel having access to self-defense items, and having cameras and panic buttons placed in key areas.
As the times have shown, airplanes can be very dangerous and even fatal if not properly taken care of. “One engine planes, cargo planes, and propeller planes are involved in accidents each day,” and just a simple mistake in checking an airplane can cause one of these accidents (Lewis Tompkins). If a plane is already in the air when an issue arises, there is not much that one can do to help ...

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...by more strict maintenance checks. Of course an accident like these might not be totally prevented by a more strict maintenance check, but none can argue that it could not have helped. A maintenance check could have fixed the air intake sensor, made sure everything was securely fastened on to the plane so it would not fall off, prevented whatever set the plane ablaze, and ensured that the engine was working correctly. There is no arguing that if people do something so many times, meaning checking the plane, and every time everything looks okay, that eventually they skip it or do not check it as thoroughly as they should. As soon as they do that, the problems arise, the crashes occur, and more people die. Therefore, airlines should enforce more frequent and strict maintenance checks in order to preserve lives, which should be the number one priority on anyone’s list.

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