Essay on The Enhancement Of Media Based Terrorism Groups Such As Isis

Essay on The Enhancement Of Media Based Terrorism Groups Such As Isis

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Today our world is different from what it used to be. Today’s humanity is encircled by fast pace, powerful artificial intelligence and technology. As all trends come and go, one has improved, yet stayed the same– the memes. This concept defines something indefinite and intangible, something that adapts, replicates and spreads. Today’s cooperation of globalization and technology has made memes much more powerful and spreading. Sometimes their power can replicate with impressive rage and have inconceivable damage to not only their duplicators, but also for the whole humanity (Gleick). In this case, the great example can be one of the most debatable topic nowadays – the enhancement of media based terrorism groups such as ISIS. In terms of modern terrorism, it is certainly not a new phenomenon since it “has its origins in the mid to late 19th century” (Burke). Therefore, as terrorism memes can be very influential, it is crucial to understand its origins, traits and effectiveness in order to comprehend its power.
Since meme is a replica, it is important to know its beginning in order to grasp its capability. One of the most compelling evidences about its predecessors is terrorist group Al-Qaida and its leader Osama Bin Laden. From the very beginning, Bin Laden knew the importance of media and tried to promote his group in every possible way even though his actions were restricted. However, by 1990’s new opportunities started to open up (Burke). According to M. Steger, the existence of global interconnectedness and technology has made it possible for Islamic world to have a media access which was favourable for terrorist groups as it was used to gain publicity. For instance, a brand new television company called Al-Jazeera was establish...

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...up with and in the terms of terrorism this is a dangerous combination (Singer and Brooking). However, 24 is not the youngest age. To clarify, the news sources such as Fox has shared many photos of junior Jihadi graduates of “Terrorist Academy”, to add the number of videos of executions performed by children is rapidly increasing (Fox). Moreover, online propaganda allows ISIS to recruit jihadists all around the world and expand the war beyond borders by turning their “inspired followers” into masked gunmen killing innocent people in different places. In this case, after the Paris attacks there was Mali attacks just a week later which was followed by San Bernardino shooting and many other attacks that resulted in a number of innocent dead bodies (Singer and Brooking). Consequently, this creates the notion that the strategy used by this terrorist group is acknowledged.

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