English Society, Politics, And Religion Essay

English Society, Politics, And Religion Essay

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English society, politics, and religion changed vastly over a period of 1500 years. These changes shaped it into the country that it is today. England progressed from a simple tribal culture into a complex governmental system.
The first stage of England’s government was a simple tribal culture. English society, in the beginning, was based on hunting for survival. But as humans developed and learned, they cultivated plants and domesticated animals. This allowed people to be more settled and begin to form communities. The next social change occurred with the Celts. They lived in villages run by chieftains. When the Romans invaded, they established towns, and people were drawn to these centers of life. Society was becoming more organized. The Anglo-Saxons affected the next change in English society. After they finished crushing the revolting natives, they established the first monarchy of England. The small kingdoms were absorbed into one another until finally one kingdom, Wessex, triumphed over them all. The establishment of the monarchy slowly transformed society from tribal to territorial.
English politics during this stage were very basic. Because of how scattered people were at first, there was little political structure. Villages were formed by the Celts, and each village would answer only to their chieftain. However, when the Romans established towns, they were able to gain control of a wider area. This was the beginnings of government. As stated previously, the Anglo-Saxons came next and established the first monarchy of England.
During this stage of English history, there were various pagan religions for a long period of time, but when the Romans invaded, Christianity was introduced. From that time, England grew in its be...

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...chings. This influenced England socially and politically, through poetry, the Crown’s seizure of bishops’ land, Parliament declaration that the king had no right to make England a tributary of the pope, and the Statue of Provisors and Praemunire, which assured that the king governed, not the pope. However, Wycliffe was declared a heretic, and his followers, known as Lollards, were eventually stamped out. But this movement did survive in secret, which prepared minds for Luther’s teachings that were coming soon. Religion reached no great high during this time period, nor did education because of the amount of war and upheaval. however, the lay public began to be educated, which set a strong foundation for the future spread of education. The church did not have a strong role in government anymore, and the emphasis on learning began to spread wider. Humanism had arrived.

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