The English Reading And Writing Essay

The English Reading And Writing Essay

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English reading and writing
Throughout my high school career I’ve had 3 different English teachers. I attended James Monroe High. This school has a law and government/ Police academy Magnet program; I was in the Police academy. High school requires English for all four years. I would say throughout my English classes it has had a somewhat impact on me and that I’ve learned a good amount of materials during my four years of high school.
Freshman year, my English teacher was a laidback man who loved music and philosophy. We would do independent reading for about 15 or 20 minutes. The teacher really encouraged students to read books. I didn’t like reading at all I would mostly just skim through the pages and just doze off in those minutes but also I will sometimes read through the pages. I would have preferred to write stories than read books. In the class we didn’t really read a lot, the required books we read were “Fahrenheit 451, The Odyssey, and many poetry. After reading the books, the teacher would make us write a five-paragraph essay. To help us write the essay our teacher had his way of doing it. It was called “The bridge diagram” this was a 5-section diagram. On the top left of the paper, the first section is the introduction and next to that is the conclusion. Below the introduction and conclusion are the three supporting topics and each will have evidence. I suppose that’s why its called the bridge diagram because the three topics and the supporting evidence support the introduction and conclusion and those represent the bridge way and the support walls are the 3 topics and the supporting evidence. From this diagram I can say that it has helped with my writing. It may not fully help with my writing but it has helped wi...

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...g and writing skills may not be superb but I am a better reader and writer than from freshmen year. Not only my reading and writing has improved but my grades in other classes have as well; from getting decent grades as a freshmen to now getting a B or higher in all my classes. I have managed to do well and adapt to a good time schedule for every class. As from sophomore year I preferred reading than writing but now I would prefer writing a bit more than reading. What I would like achieve in this class is to learn where to put commas and how to improve the flow of my writing. I have trouble putting commas because I do not know where to put them. So, that would be something I would like to improve on and as well the fluidity of my writings. I am looking forward to reading texts about Chicano history because although I am a Latino, I do not know much about my culture.

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