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The English-Only Movement: To Speak or Not to Speak?
In the United States, there has been a very large debate on whether or not the American government should declare English as the official language. Some supporters of the issue say that it would help with communication between citizens born in the on American soil and immigrants migrating from foreign countries, some of the people who oppose this issue will say that it takes away certain aspects from an immigrant’s culture. I believe that the United States government should have a hands-on position of the official English language issue because it would create better communication, gives people better access to knowledge, and opens up opportunities for individuals.
Communication, especially in America, one of the superpower countries of the world, is a very important skill you have to attain in order to perform and function effectively in society. If the United States government does not enforce stricter supervision over individuals coming to live in America, then those who do not learn English will have a tougher time adjusting to our culture. And, in terms of communication, I am not just talking about private interactions between friends or acquaintances, I’m talking about workplace environment interactions as well.
While the issue of the ‘English-only movement’ remains a controversial topic, the number of companies implementing workplace policies prohibiting communication in any language other than English has increased. In an article titled ‘Are English-Only Policies in the Workplace Discriminatory of National Origin?’ and written by David E. Gevertz and Ana C. Dowell they report that “although English-only policies are often perceived to be discriminatory, Title VII of th...

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...other foreign places that speak fluent English. Even if you’re not a student but you come to live in America, you could still vacation in either of those places because you have learned English. Most immigrant’s motive for moving to America initially is the fact that it provides more opportunities than the country they previously lived in. The motivation behind these opportunities, I believe, should be enough reason to learn English.
In conclusion, the reasons the American government should have a hands-on position to enforcing English as the official language are that it would create a better means of communication, not just in a private setting but also in the workplace, a better access to knowledge for individuals migrating from underdeveloped countries, it opens up opportunities for immigrants, and the simple fact that it would complete the unity of this country.

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