English Language Skills For Esl Students Essay

English Language Skills For Esl Students Essay

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English Language Skills for ESL Students
Asynchronous learning is another type of online learning that has used recently by many English language institutions. Because the online learning, especially in ESL studies, has been accelerated by the aspect of “social learning” Most of online English language institutions offer chat rooms where the learners can practice their speaking by engaging into English discussion. Learners participating can discuss various areas of classwork while exchanging different ideas. Also, students can interact at any moment by just logging in and communicating with others who are online at that particular time or even leave a message. ESL students in the online learning environment do not just develop their high order thinking, increase their knowledge about global topics but also increase their cultural competency as they increase their mastery of English language.
According to McLoughlin & Mynard (2009, p. 148) ‘high-order thinking’ is the development or existence of skills such as application, comprehension, synthesis, evaluation and analysis. Since online learning became an option to many, different researchers, have explored the issues of high order thinking in an online learning environment. In an online environment, students or learners engage more with each other as opposed to interaction with the instructor. The role of an instructor in most cases is to give direction and probe further reasoning among the learners. McLoughlin & Mynard (2009, p. 148) stipulates that a major benefit of online learning is that learners collaboratively work with peers. Exploration or integration form of posting among learners is an indication of higher order thinking process. Although several factors can promo...

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...et a chance to learn global topics as they endeavor to develop a mastery of the English language. High order thinking involves having skills such as application, comprehension synthesis, evaluation, and analysis. In an online environment, the student develops all these skill as they are not exposed to the pressure of standing in front of their peers. Online learners have adequate time to research, proofread and reflect before posting. Students are also able to develop critical thinking skill. Through structured prompts, and scaffolding environment learners can concentrate on learning. Online learners are not just recipient of information and knowledge, but creators and authors of the same. An instructor acts as a guide while the learners take up an active role in reviewing each other’s’ posts thus enhancing collaboration and cultural competency.

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