English Language Learners Methodology Comparison Essay

English Language Learners Methodology Comparison Essay

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English Language Learners Methodology Comparison
With the rise of immigration in the United States, Americas’ classrooms contain students from different cultures and backgrounds. The academic development of students’ learning relies on teachers’ instructional practices. In order to successfully educate diverse learners, especially English Language Learners (ELLs), teachers use research to gain knowledge on teaching practices. The findings gained from research provide insight over a topic of interest through statistical data and/or narrative investigations (Choy, 2014).
Researchers use qualitative, quantitative, or mixed-methods to conduct a study. Each methodology design contains advantages and disadvantages. According to Johnson and Christensen (2012), “research design should be planned and conducted based on what will best help you answer your research question” (p.32). Therefore, researchers need to consciously decide on an appropriate methodology for the study. The article “Effects of the Helping Early Literacy with Practice Strategies (HELPS) reading fluency program with Latino English Language Learners: A preliminary Evaluation” (Begeny, Ross, Greene, Mitchell, & Whitehouse, 2012) and the article “Mainstream first-grade teachers’ understanding of strategies for accommodating the needs of English language learners” (Hite & Evans, 2006) both focus on ELLs instructional strategies but utilize different research methods.
Types of Methodologies
Qualitative . Key elements of qualitative research include the research question, small sample size, soft data, and detailed descriptions (McLeod, 2008). “Mainstream first-grade teachers’ understanding of strategies for accommodating the needs of English language learner...

... middle of paper ...

...uantitative study.
Overall, quantitative and qualitative research design contain advantages and disadvantages. However, when researchers combine both methodologies, the probability of making a mistake reduces. Moreover, “causality is strong, and realism is no longer a big problem” (Johnson & Christensen, 2012, p.51). The research question, data collection, sample size, and presentation of results are characteristics that need to be taken into consideration when deciding on a methodology. As a future educator, educational articles relating to teaching approaches serve as a strong foundation for my curriculum design. Students bring different backgrounds, customs, and learning styles to the classroom. Therefore, as a future educator, reading research articles from different methodologies aid understanding on how to effectively teach diverse learners.

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