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There are a lot of students being placed whose primary language is not English. Students walk into a mainstream classroom not being able to speak English. Students in this situation are call English Language Learners(ELLs). These students are not receiving appropriate language support to succeed in their language development which is causing them to not have the ability to acquire language.
When reading the scenario that was asked for this assignment, I noticed that the teacher didn 't use a lot of strategies to help the ELL students develop language development. But the strategies he did use I thought were a great start. He was trying to lower the effective filter by attempting to give the students positive gestures and smiles to help them feel assured that they were doing a good job. And to make them feel comfortable in the environment. The teacher also made sure that there was a classmate helping the ELL student with class activities. Which is a great thing it helps the students get to know each other and also receiving help at the same time.
As for me thinking if these strategies will be effective on the students, I myself don 't think so. The teacher did try to make his student feel comfortable by staying positive and smiling, but he should have done more then just positive gestures and smiling. ELL students being placed I mainstream classrooms are expected to “catch on” but it really doesn 't work. When placing these students in mainstream classrooms without appropriate language support makes it to where they will become long-term English language learners (LTELs). According to Syrja (2011) long-term English learners are students that have been in U.S. schools for more than six years and have yet to achieve sufficient E...

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...d also help them broaden their vocabulary.
Lastly, another activity the teacher can use is having small groups of three when doing activities in school. Students can do their own work and trade work with the other kids in the group. Then when all is finished have the students read each other work out-loud to each other. This will help with feeling comfortable reading out-loud and also helps with writing. And it allows the students to critique their friends works.
Classrooms have ELL students of all levels in them. When having these students in classrooms teachers should get to know the students individually and know their language acquisition level. There are students not receiving thhe appropriate language support to succeed in their language development. If teachers become more aware and get resources and techniques to help with these students that can change.

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