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English is the World Language Essay

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Question 1:
Write your own definition of the term global language.
A global language is one that is widespread internationally and used as the common one for communication between various groups and societies. It is the language that is most taught and learnt as a foreign and/ or a second language worldwide. This kind of language has a large amount of prestige, and official or special status. It is the language of politics, international business or economics, international communication, academic conferences, science, technology, tourism, media, publishing of books or journals, newspapers, and health sciences.

Question 2:
What does the macroacquisition of English refer to?
This term refers to the spread of the English language by non-English speakers who have identified the benefits of acquiring it. This is different from the process involving speakers of the language who have migrated and take the language with them wherever they go.

Question 3:
What are the factors that could reduce the influence of English:
1- Lack of incentive to learn English:
Some people do not have the desire to learn English, particularly those who do not use it in their daily lives and business. This situation often occurs where English is regarded as a foreign language.
2- Replacement by another language in foreign language teaching:
The spread of English where it used as a foreign and/or a second language may be compromised if it is replaced by another language such as Chinese or Spanish. For example, if China continues to gradually dominate the world economically, politically and technologically, its language could replace English as the major foreign language taught and learnt in various countries’ education systems because they b...

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...anslate from one language to another without needing English, which may diminish the incentive to learn English.
Finally, there are many different varieties of English, or as it is called Englishes, such as Singaporean English, Indian English and Nigerian English. Each variety of English expresses the identity and culture of its speakers. It has been predicted that in the distant future these forms of English will fragment into mutually unintelligible varieties. Therefore, this fragmentation may slow the spread of English as a global language.
It would be reasonable if Honey suggested that English would be the dominant language in the near future. English is still the global language worldwide and the United States is still the driving force in political, economical and cultural fields of endeavor. This dominance will last for a long while yet, but not forever.

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