English Is The Best Language

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Nowadays, traveling abroad is encouraged. Universities are encouraging students to travel abroad for a few weeks to a semester to even for a whole school year. Here at Buena Vista University, they strongly encourage traveling. They offer many different chances to travel abroad throughout the year. Many people have learned the language of the country that they are traveling to so they will be able to understand what is being said. In today’s times, one can travel overseas and find tons of people who can speak English and who have adapted to some of the English culture. While some countries are encouraging the people to learn English and the culture that comes along with it, other countries are trying hard not to adapt to the culture of English. Many believe that in order to understand the language fully, one needs to know the culture behind it. In a few of the essays that were provided to use, some examples were given of countries that are to adapt to the English way but rather just learn the language itself. English is the best language to learn because English is advancing worldwide. So why is English the best language to learn? English is advancing worldwide not with just the language but with the culture aspect too. In the reading “The Church of Please and Thank You” written by Julie Traves, she makes claims about how important it is when learning a new language, one needs to learn about the culture too. In the essay by Traves, she talks about the English language in Japan as one of her examples. Traves used an example about how one would need to understand the culture to get what is being said. The phrase “let’s have lunch sometime” in the English culture doesn’t mean getting together the next day for lunch. It means it was n... ... middle of paper ... ...h is the best language for anyone wanting to learn another language if English is not your first language. The English language is spreading fast throughout the world because the use of social media, Hollywood movies, television shows, books, and many other forms of entertainment are all helping with spreading the English language throughout the world. Along with learning the language, some countries are even seen as adapting the culture during the process of learning the language. There are those countries though, that do want to have their people learn and even adapt the language but they do not wish to have them learn and take on the English culture. With the help of technology, education, the internet and even just the “American” way are just a few reasons why the English language is the best language for one to learn if they must learn another foreign language.
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