The English Indices of Deprivation Essay

The English Indices of Deprivation Essay

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For many years, the department for communities and local government has produced a regional scoring system indicating the amount of deprivation in a specific area. This score, known as the Indices of multiple deprivation (IMD) combines a number of other indicators into one generalised deprivation score (Communities 2011a). The IMD has been calculated since 1970. However, the devolution of government within the UK has resulted in a less consistent indicator, which is proving challenging for large organisations, which require consistent national indicators.
A recent development in the way the UK government now handles data may provide a solution to the problem as outlined above. Following controversy relating to the lack of transparency within government, the government has begun to make large amounts of data available through the platform. Particularly relevant is that through the portal, data required for calculating the IMD has now become available (Government 2009).
Based upon the problem domain as highlighted above, the project is provisionally titled ‘Developing a consistent indicator of deprivation across the entire United Kingdom’. This project as outlined has a number of key objectives, which need to be addressed through the project. Firstly, the existing methodology for IMD must be comprehensively broken down. Next, each of the contributing domains will be audited to assess significance and sub-structure. Finally a methodology for the generation of a new IMD must be developed and tested and a visualisation be constructed to suitably display the results.
In order to address the objectives stated, an interdisciplinary approach may be adopted. The disciplines include geodemographics, cartograph...

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...on. Available at: [Accessed January 24, 2012].
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