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The English 103 Final Exam Essay

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English 103—Final Exam
1. Machiavelli writes, “A man who wishes to make a vocation of being good at all times will come to ruin among so many who are not good” stating that people do not have the power or discipline to be good all of the time.
Lao-tzu would disagree that goodness brings one to ruin, because as a detached universal ruler he believes that all people are good inherently, but they can be led to bad decisions if put in bad situations under the rule of bad people. He believes that one can be happy and should be happy with themselves and they should not be dependent on others. Though if under the rule of corruption the Tao states one will also be led down the wrong paths and become corrupt (Lao Tzu).
Jean-Jacques Rousseau on the other hand, would agree that one individual who tries to be all good may be brought to ruin when around others who are not good, because he believes in everyone working together as a whole to efficiently and effectively accomplish anything. He also mentions that “whoso gives himself to all gives himself to none” (Rousseau 248). Simply put, Rousseau is saying that one cannot make everybody else happy all of the time.
The American political environment in the current decade supports the idea that one cannot be good all of the time and not come to ruin because if a politician did try to find a way to make only good decisions it would still not be right to everybody since people are bias and decide what is good and bad on their own. Machiavelli is more practical and cynical in believing that many will come to ruin as it takes great determination and commitment to the cause to persevere and hold true to your morals, values, and ideology in times of uncertainty, temptation, and doubt.
The only cond...

... middle of paper ... Horney believes that the drive to grow psychologically and achieve ones potential is a basic human motive—and in order to do that one must know their place or their “role” for their gender to fit into society. David was denied that acceptance by being raised on different sides of the binary gender line. HE was thrown into a childhood of confusion and disappointment never feeling like he fit in. People are often bullied and ostracized if they do not fit into social normalities, and it can also make one feel unfit to find a mate and have a healthy relationship or happy life.
Although Horney categorizes people into this binary view of gender, either male or female, then states where they might have issues with each other, Butler argues against that categorization and believes that gender is flexible, a “continuum from one pole to another of desire” (Jacobus 739).

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