English Composition : The Act Or Process Of Composing Or A Piece Of Writing

English Composition : The Act Or Process Of Composing Or A Piece Of Writing

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English Composition II
Composition is “the act or process of composing or a piece of writing” (Webster). English Composition is a form of writing that incorporates the English language in to a proper arrangement. The arrangement can come in the forms of essays, poems, stories, or other types of literature. The word English Composition gained popularity during the late eighteen hundreds due to higher education. English Composition should be the foundation of any education achieved. Most universities and colleges have two different levels of English Composition level one and level two. Some schools have higher levels depending on degrees the students are acquiring. English Composition II is required for all college degrees. The class helps students learn to use language more effectively. When learned correctly it should help attain loftier goals, such as good grades in other classes, scholarships, and acceptance into graduate school. This often leads to leadership positions and a rewarding career. Specifically, in Composition classes the student should learn the skill of argument. This skill has enabled modern leaders in science, business, education, and virtually every other profession to move objects, people, and even whole nations. English Composition II at Camden County College during the fall of 2010 has been a success, but could implement other objectives into the syllabus. These objectives should include grammar, a library research tutorial. There should be time spent in and out of the classroom for reading, and discussion of various forms of literature.
English Composition I is requiring for all degrees at Camden County College. The course prepares students to read, analyze, discuss, and write. It also teaches studen...

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...cess in today’s world.
In the end, without the proper English Composition courses during early the early college years, frustrated students have a tendency of dropping out or failing college. English Composition is designed to show the students what is expected during college and after. Without the ability to use proper English, many graduates would not be able to sell themselves to potential employers. The English Composition taught at Camden County College needs more diversity in their writing objectives. Many students are not researching much or if any in their other classes. All students should be reading and writing about articles, stories, poems, and essays in their classes. English Composition should focus more on the basics of understanding the written word. Without an understanding of writing, the world so so much mor difficult to maneuver through.

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