Essay about English Colonization of America

Essay about English Colonization of America

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By the 1700's two regions of English colonization , New England and the Chesapeake Bay, varied greatly. Physical and cultural differences separated them. The seeds of diversity were planted in the early days of colonization when they grew into distinctive societies. Colonists came to America with different motives. Some came for religious reasons while others came to get rich. Religion was the basis of the people's lives in New England, but in the Chesapeake region, money and producing tobacco dominated life. This would affect the colonies economically, socially, and politically.
Puritans left England because they wanted a place where they could have religious tolerance. When the Church of England separated from Catholicism under Henry VIII, Protestantism flourished in England, however the Puritans believed the religion needed to be purified so they left. Their religious ideologies were conveyed through John Winthrop's " City on a Hill" speech, it expressed the basic ideology behind the settlement structure. It claimed that the Puritans in New England lived according to God's will and would stand together as one. Also they wanted ti prove to the world what a heavenly perfected society they can create. Their towns were well organized, with the church being the basis of everyone's daily life. An example of their oneness is "Articles of Agreement in Springfield Massachusetts 1636," they wanted to establish equality and have everyone working together mutually. They learned useful farming techniques from the Native Americans, and farming was their prime source of the economy. And later they relied on artisan-industries like carpentry, shipbuilding, and printing. The Puritan work ethic kept people from working for extreme material gai...

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... represent them, this demonstrated their leadership skills and system of organization. They had set rules so their towns could run cohesively. Education was vitally important the Puritans. The first university, Yale, was established by them in Massachusetts. They created public education so their children can learn different professions so they can have future careers. In contrast to the Chesapeake bay, where only the wealthy would learn because they would be privately tutored.
These different groups of people started to mold America into what we have today. Their significant differences and purposes in this New World helped to create our diverse country. They with different motives and aims. Their goals that they wanted to accomplish varied. With two groups and two different missions the American culture was being made into the "big melting pot" we have today.

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