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English As A Language Of Research Essay

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Every day, more than 7,000 different languages are used in around world,

and Chinese, English and Spanish are the three most common languages around

the world. The most common six official languages: English, French, Spanish,

Chinese, Russian, and Arabic. English is one of the only working languages used by

world widely, and English is also commonly used in most of business meetings.

Therefore, millions of research papers and books published and translated by in

English, and Swales said that “English will remain the primary language of research”.

As a result, many countries which as English is not a first language have invested for

many years money, effort and time to improve their English. South Korean is one of

the countries already described above, and one of the most famous. The South

Korean government invest large of amount of money to address English education

and often revises the all of English system to improve student’s English skill. In

addition, South Korean students not only study English, their parents are also willing

to invest in their children by sending them to private English academy that is called

by “Hak Won” in Korean. South Korean parents spend thousands of pounds a year

on after-school tuition, not a private tutor coming to the home once or twice a week,

but private schooling on an industrial scale. (Reeta. 18) The cost of English academy

is often more than half of parent income. This kind of phenomenon could be hardy

seen around any other Asian or European country. Interestingly, South Korean

students spend the most of time and money for English education in the world, but

their English proficiency is not still low. And, again, the efficiency of learning and


... middle of paper ...

...sh students, Korean students express

themselves in generally and indirectly, even when asked to communicate their ideas

because they have been learned to think and express themselves indirectly from the

Korean culture. Some Korean students often take long time to supplying specific

details when describing something or writing essay. They combined with the

traditional Korean value and with American value.

Korean student always struggle to learning English for many reasons such as

find jobs, enter a school and walk in step with globalization even they have different

cultures, syntactic and thinking. In the Korea, they just started English education 10

years ago but it already become mandatory requirement more than mother tongue.

In the South Korea, they still have many problems in the English education system

but they will make through the problems.

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