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Pro English as A Global Language
At this very moment, you might be sitting and munching on something. I’m also guessing that you know how to read and speak the English language. So, what are your thoughts about the English language? Is it nice, easy, or simply boring? Are you forced to speak English? These are easily answered questions. Though, the real question is, how would you feel about English becoming a global language? Many people already know it, so might as well make it a global language. Also, English has the audacity to allow an effortless communication between diverse cultures. Even though many native languages will be affected by it in multiple ways, mainly in a negative way, English should be encouraged all around the world as a global language.
If English becomes a global language some native languages could perhaps be affected by this. It might be affected in a bad way where minority languages might be forgotten or worse it might make all other languages unnecessary. Perhaps having English as a global language could make the world monolingual, where everyone speaks one linguistic. Maybe it could make a person be driven away from their culture. In “When Does It Stop Being a Foreign Language?” from The Economist, a newspaper in London, the writer contends that in India’s case, one of the reasons why English cannot be the national language in the country is due to the fact that English was imported by a colony that controlled India and that is not India’s favorite memory (para. 2, 2011). To elaborate, English might not be able to be a global language because in the past some English spoken countries controlled other countries which basically was a terrible time and it has not been forgotten by those specific countri...

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...-Babel days, where everyone spoke one language (p. 32). When everyone knows one common language, it makes it much easier to speak to each other. English is said to make communication easier amongst people just like the Latin language once did (p.33). For instance, English is used to communicate between diplomats and politicians from different countries to come to terms and world peace.
The future of English is complicated to prophesize. Will it be a global language where it will make communication better across cultures? Or will it simply remain a common language amongst people? English is able to make conversations among people with different cultures simpler. English is already used widely, across the internet, books, movies, TV shows and more. At last, imagine what the world would be like if English became a global language, although it is far more complicated.

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