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In recent years, a growing number of parents may send their children to study abroad. The university of Cambridge had nearly 1,000 Chinese students, who study in undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in engineering, sciences, mathematics, international relations, economics and finance, and administration (BBC news, 2011). These parents believe that their children may become more autonomous, because their children have to look after themselves and manage their finance (Topuniversities, 2014). However, there are some difficulties, such as foreign language problems, teaching methodologies, exam and social network need to be faced, when they study abroad for the first time. This essay will discuss these challenges and then give suggestions for these problems.

Firstly, international students have to speak a foreign language in their daily lives when they go abroad for study. Although they have passed or got highest test score in their language exams, they are likely to fail in their academic progress. For examples, in English speaking countries, the IELTS has become one of the entrance standards of the UK universities. Most of international students have passed the IELTS, but it does not mean that their levels of English meet the language requirement of universities, because some students may to attend to exam skills which may help them to pass the exams rather than improve their language abilities. In China, English teachers attempt to teach more exam skills such as how to answer reading questions by finding the keywords from questions and going back to the reading materials to find answers rather than understand what the meaning of texts. Language teachers would demand students to master these skills to improve their IELTS score i...

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...ure and learn new cultures from local people.

In conclusion, a significant number of Asian students could face challenges without their expectation when they go abroad to study. In order to deal with these problems they keep on searching for the applicable measures. In this paper, international students can take priority to some aspects, i.e. knowing more about the culture of the country where they will study, developing a habit on self study and cooperation with others and improving their language ability. The university cannot only make the focus on the requirement of entrance for international students but also improve their sense of belonging, help them adapt to new teaching styles and develop their language abilities. It seems that this issue may be handled by the cooperation of universities who offer opportunities to overseas students and students themselves.

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