Essay about Engineering Ethics And Ethics Of Engineering

Essay about Engineering Ethics And Ethics Of Engineering

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“Engineering In Ethics”
Engineering ethics is a multi-disciplinary arena of morals and integrity and a classification of ethical ideologies which is applied to the performance and practice of engineering. The grounds inspect and scrutinise and lay down the commitment of the engineers towards the society and to their patrons and to the career as a whole. As an academician of this subject it is directly related to the subjects of the science of philosophy, the philosophy of engineering and also the ethics in technology.
During the 19th century engineering grew as a new subject and engineers saw their careers soar high whole working independently or working for large organisations. The United States of America laid the foundation for the American Society of Civil Engineers; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; American Institute of Electrical Engineers and the American Institute of Mining Engineers. In the following decade it was made necessary for every engineer in U.S to be able to practice one must possess or have passed a unique law of having a license. This was done after the collapse of the bridges and also the Boston molasses disaster .It was done keeping in mind about all those engineers who worked self independently to have a legal license to work and ones working under any employment of some big concerns it wasn’t their liability to have a license to practice the trade of engineering.
Several and consistent endeavours have been taken to encourage and endorse ethical habits and also looked into for its continuation. The members of the engineering society make the licensed members to make a promise to stand by the ethics of the trade and also to wear a ring as a symbol which would act as a deterrent. Presently issues of...

... middle of paper ... rudimentary problem of an engineer is that he is accountable to an authority to which it is at risk being miscommunicated to the client or to the employer. Though the engineer may be honest and diligent in his work but his corrupt and immediate authority puts the engineer’s license at stake and it overrides the ethics as laid down in the different societies of engineering. Thus whistle-blowing in the engineering profession isn’t a new concept or even for that reason unusual since it prevent s and stops an engineer to do the right thing in the right way.
Nevertheless, not all collapse is due to corrupt people or involve unethical practice being followed at times faulty technical designs give rise to such los to life and property at large. Hence, the arena of professional ethics often intersects and brings up to date moralistic design formulation for the engineers.

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