Essay on Engineering Developments

Essay on Engineering Developments

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Engineering, in simple terms, is the application of science for the purpose of fulfilling the needs of society. In order for engineering to fully benefit society, engineering must continue progressing with this technologically advancing world. The most prominent advancements in engineering concern advancements in the field of medicine and health. Both engineering and medicine are so deeply correlated that current medicine would not be as advanced as it is nowadays without the assistance of engineering. If engineering had never advanced through the ages, then hip replacements, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), bioengineered skin, and bioengineered food would not exist for the benefit of humans. Without the study of engineering, many health problems would be impossible to treat effectively.
With an aging population, it is inevitable that specialized medical attention will to be offered. As humans grow older, the wear-and-tear on their bodies causes their joints to deteriorate. Not only are their joints deteriorating, bones have lost their ability to work effectively. This dilemma can be solved by engineering more efficient prosthetic limbs and joint replacements. Approximately, more than 160,000 hip replacements are performed in the USA alone. These artificial joints created by engineers almost immediately improved the mobility of a person who otherwise would be crucially disabled. Thus, allowing these people to continue living independently. While engineering was still mostly undeveloped, many unsuccessful hip replacements occurred in the 18th and 19th century. Even as medicine alone advanced, hip replacements still had many problems because the metal replacements furthered wore out the surrounding tissues. Thanks to engineerin...

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...cement of this newly modified food, it would be possible to start an effort to end malnutrition and VAD globally (“Golden Rice - FAQ”).
In conclusion, the advancement of engineering have had a substantial impact upon the world. More specifically, advancements in engineering have greatly improved the medical treatments available to everyone in the world. By having these medical treatments and techniques improve, it would be possible to limit sickness and diseases globally. By doing this, the world will longer have to fear death because of unavailable treatment. Also, the health of the world will improve greatly because of these techniques that prolongs good health. However, that is not to say that engineering cannot continue advancing. Of course, all areas of engineering will continue to advance alongside the growing technological community that the world has become.

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