Engineering : A Vital Part Of The Connections Essay

Engineering : A Vital Part Of The Connections Essay

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Engineering is a vital part of the Connections Makery program. Basic engineering skills translate directly towards the mechanical Engineering field. Engineering dates back to ancient Greece, Egypt, and eastern China, where mechanisms like the lever, the wheel, clocks, screw pumps, steam engines, and even early forms of gears were invented ( ). Mechanical Engineering involves application of, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of any and all mechanical systems. It requires a firm understanding of concepts such as mechanics, and engineering design; also solid grounding in math and physics. Mechanical engineers uses these principles in the design of cars and other automobiles, cooling systems in houses, heavy work equipment, and so much more. To fully comprehend the magnitude of what engineering has meant to the evolvement of the world; one must first understand the history, types of engineering and how the future inventions of engineering will affect global society

The beginnings of mechanical engineering go all the way to inventors and craftsmen of the first tools and basic mechanical powered by human and animals, water and or wind. Engineering began around 4000 and 2000 BC, in ancient Egypt during the construction of the pyramids, increased need for shipment of goods, and supplies for construction ( ). Large structures like the Pyramids, and the Roman aqueducts were built on the basis of ancient engineering techniques and skills.

Electrical engineering is a field that consists of creating, developing and working with electrical systems ( ). With today 's increased use of electronics and other electrical systems in our daily lives, this field holds vast opportunities that allow us to keep up with the latest of technol...

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...r global energy power supply is limited, there is only so much coal we can utilises to create electricity and our environment is being poisoned by the millions of batteries we deposit into landfills each year. New sources of electrical power must be introduced in order to sustain our world. Air power is one of these clean alternatives that we can implement to power our devices. Some of the smallest devices made today, will in most cases, need some sort of battery or power cord. Maybe not for much longer, soon gadgets will be able to work and communicate only using the energy harvested from any nearby TV, cell phone, radio, or Wi-Fi signals is headed to commercialization ( ). The University of Washington’s researchers have developed a technique that have demonstrated Internet connected, temperature and motion sensors, and even a camera, powered off of these signals.

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