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Another method that can be used is the Conference method. The Conference method requires a larger group of people to be fully effective. When using this method the teacher/facilitator will start the discussion with a leading question and let the students take charge from there. Although the teacher will not completely be in charge he/she will still try to keep the discussion on track and controlled. The students will focus on a specific topic, and everyone should be engaging with their personnel experiences, ideas, and opinions. They should be defending their opinions and point out why they think what they think about the discussed topic.
Although the Demonstration method taps into all five senses it could be best used for the visual learners. This method is used by the teacher demonstrating something on a piece of equipment while explaining the process step by step. It allows the student to see how to put something into effect as well as which order it needs to be done in.
The Lecture method is best suited for the audio learners that learn better from just hearing what is being taught as opposed to seeing or doing something. The Lecture method is basically just a one way conversation where information is just getting put out not requiring feedback from the audience. The good thing about the Lecture method is it’s best for large audiences, but the negatives are not having the students’ interaction during the lesson.
Another method that could be used is the Practical Exercise method. This method is usually used after a lesson is taught. It gives the teacher/instructor the ability to check if the person grasped what was being taught. The learner should use their previous knowledge with what was ...

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...r teachers/instructors to know the learning styles they will have to engage. So they should keep in mind the different methods of instructions and type of testing methods for assessing the learners’ progress. The key to the learners’ success is for them to know their own learning style and how they need to be engaged. They shouldn’t wait until they are struggling at work or in class, they should take a survey and find out what style best fits their needs.

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