Enforcing Stricter Laws On Gun Ownership Essay

Enforcing Stricter Laws On Gun Ownership Essay

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Enforcing stricter laws on gun ownership is a controversial topic these days due to the recent shootings and massacres that have occurred in recent years. This has resulted in part of the population wanting to enforce gun control and remove all weapon ownership from United States Citizens. The rest of the United States wants to prevent the Government from violating their second amendment right the bear arms. This issue is so controversial that it has caused many people to rally and protest for their belief. It has also caused people to question government leadership. The need for a resolution is higher now than it has ever been and getting there is going to take a lot of work and a lot of arguments. Regardless of what side they take, all United States citizens want the same thing. They want peace, safety and the protection of their rights. The important thing to remember while coming up with a resolution is that gun control does not stop gun violence.
Gun control will not stop gun violence. Gun control refers to “laws that control how guns are sold and used and who can own them.” (Merriam-Webster Incorporated, 2014). There are many different reasons to support this statement. First, there is no possible way to confiscate the millions of guns that are already in possession of citizens. This means there will always be firearms circling around society mainly being sold in underground markets and always obtainable by criminals. James Wilson, author for the Los Angeles Times stated that “However, there is no way to extinguish this supply of guns. It would be constitutionally suspect and politically impossible to confiscate hundreds of millions of weapons. You can declare a place gun-free, as Virginia Tech had done, and guns will still ...

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...iminals from committing crimes.
Gun control violates citizens second amendment right to bear arms. It prevents citizens from being able to defend themselves and their families from criminals. Banning the use and ownership of guns will not stop criminals intentions to commit a crime. The crime will be carried out using other weapons or using an illegally purchased gun. The illegal gun sales will go up because they will be worth more. This money will go to funding criminal activities such as drugs and human trafficking. The violence rate may increase due to more successful robberies and murders being able to play out without interruption. Criminals will not be worried about being confronted by a gun owner while committing home invasions because they will know who the law abiding citizens are. In the end, gun control does not stop fun violence, but it may lead to more.

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