Energy Vs. Beauty in Coal Mining Essay examples

Energy Vs. Beauty in Coal Mining Essay examples

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Every day in the United States people turn on a light, use the oven, and watch television. The energy needed to do these trivial everyday tasks is often taken for granted, yet it is greatly required at all times. A small percentage of this energy is provided by the burning of coal to produce power. The removal of coal for energy has been a long thought out process since the early 1960’s (Holzman). The removal of coal up until around the 1990’s was all done underground, removing the coal by using pick axes, mules, and rail cars. During the early and late 1990’s, the extraction of coal was modernized to mountain top removal (Holzman). Mountain top removal is the process of blasting the top of a mountain away to retrieve coal from inside the mountain. The effects of mountain top removal may not be visible at first sight, although they are clearly taking effect with no hesitation. Although mountain top removal does give a percentage of our country its energy, it also maltreats the environment, wildlife, human health (Community Impacts of Mountain Top Removal).
The innovation of electricity and energy helped spark the need to mine coal, but to produce these; a source of power is needed. As the country established its relationship with mining, companies began realizing there could be a more efficient approach in extracting this valuable resource. The expansion of machinery allowed companies to dig deeper and gather more coal from the mountain. In the 1990’s mountain top removal was established as a quicker and easier way to extract coal from the mountains. This process is still used as the most popular way to remove coal and produces our country’s energy. Although coal is not the only source of energy for the nation, it makes up more ...

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