Energy Sources Of Solar Hydrogen Production For A Large Scale Essay

Energy Sources Of Solar Hydrogen Production For A Large Scale Essay

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Harvesting renewable energy sources has become an increasing demand to meet the global energy consumption. Hydrogen is an ideal renewable energy source that can be stored, transportable, and convertible to electricity using fuel cells as clean energy source without producing CO2. A key challenge, however, is to produce cost-effective and environmentally friendly renewable hydrogen for a large scale. To this end, many researchers are developing advanced process to produce hydrogen from a sustainable resource. One of promising ways is to utilize sunlight. As can be seen in the figure 1, solar induced water splitting device using semiconductor materials have attracted many attentions because the only inputs are sunlight (inexhaustible natural resource), and water. Semiconductor materials facilitate chemical reaction, as a photocatalyst, without being consumed or transformed to separate hydrogen and/or oxygen from water in the presence of solar energy. Therefore, developing efficient, cost-effective water splitting semiconductors is the key for the advancement of solar-hydrogen production for a large scale.
The objectives of this research are two-fold:
1) Designing and synthesizing water splitting semiconductors using simple, cost-effective solution methods and understanding their structural, chemical, and optical properties by various characterization instruments.
2) Fabricating uniform device quality thin film semiconductors by using spin coater technique inside of nitrogen flowing glovebox to avoid oxidation, then investigating initial device performance for hydrogen production in collaboration with Professor Charles Dismuke at the Rutgers University followed by surface characterizations.

2.Background work already accomplished

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...provide internship opportunity for my undergraduate students in diverse scientific environment.

6. Outcome
Results from this proposal will be presented in Stockton University’s Undergraduate Research Symposium as well as scientific communities, such as Materials Research Society(MRS) meeting and American Chemistry Society(ACS) meeting. I will pursue to publish results with undergraduate students (as a co-author) in one of prestigious peer-reviewed journals (Journal of American Chemical Society, Advanced Materials, Advanced Energy Materials). Undergraduate students would have an opportunity to present research in national (ACS or MRS) or regional ACS meeting(i.e., MARMS). Furthermore, this project could demonstrate to the public to see how water splitting device can separate water to produce hydrogen to promote STEM education as a promising renewable energy source.

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