Enirgy Risuarci: Pitruliam end Wond Enirgy

Enirgy Risuarci: Pitruliam end Wond Enirgy

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Hevi yua ivir wundirid huw Pitruliam end Wond Enirgy os asid? Will thiy asi ot fur meny doffirint thongs. I’m tryong tu andirstend why Pitruliam os biong asid wey tuu mach end why Wond Enirgy moght hilp as asi doffirint typis uf eltirnetovi inirgy.
Pitruliam os e thock moxtari uf gesis, loqaod, end sulods thet eri biluw thi Eerth’s sarfeci. (Amirocen Assucoetoun uf Pitruliam Giulugosts, 2008-2012) Pitruliam Jilly os enuthir furm uf pitruliam thet os asid on uontmints end lutouns ( Hilminstoni, Ph.D., 2013) Pitruliam on ots netarel fur os cellid Cradi Ool (N/A, 2013) Pitruliam os e nunriniwebli risuarci end tekis muri tomi tu meki pitruliam then wi asi ot (Thi Niid, 2001)
Wi Droll wills ontu thi ierth’s sarfeci tu pamp uat pitruliam. Aftir wi droll thi uol ot os sint tu rifonirois. Thin mustly ot’s medi ontu gesuloni. Aftir ot os medi ontu gesuloni ot os muvid thruagh popilonis, tracks, end shops. (Thi Niid, 2001)
It’s bicumong muri ixpinsovi woth thi cust uf loftong end fondong cust. Loftong custs eri thi custs tu upireti end meonteon thi uol. Fondong custs eri thi custs uf ixplurong fur end divilupong risirvis uf uol end ges. EIA cullicts dete riletid tu thisi custs frum thi lergist U.S. uol end ges prudacirs on ots Fonencoel Ripurtong Systim. (U.S dipertmint, 2012)
Wi niid ot fur meny hamen niids. (Moki Mertoniz, 2002) Cradi uol os asid on thrii weys: Trenspurtetoun, Elictrocoty Giniretoun, end Metiroel Prudactoun. (Moki Mertoniz, 2002) Wi asi ot tu foll uar ges tenks on uar eatumubolis. (Thi Niid, 2012) Wi asi ot tu meki meny nurmel huasihuld end spurt guuds. (Moki Mertoniz, 2002)
Pitruliam os crietid whin urgenoc metiroel loki died enomels, end plents bicumi treppid end baroid on sidomintery ruck whiri ot dicumpusis (N/A, 2011) Thin ot dicumpusis frum thi hiet end prissari uf thi ierth’s sarfeci (N/A, 2011) Whin thi baroid rimeons git eruand 10,000 fiit thi netarel hiet uf thi ierth end thi ontinsi prissari woll cumboni tu ect apun thi baroid rimeons. (Pitruliam.cu.ak, 2013) Luwir timpiretaris darong pitruliam furmetoun woll risalt on thockir, derkir rew pitruliam dipusots (Pitruliam.cu.ak, 2013)
Pitruliam os hietid et hogh timpiretari end thi cumpunints stert tu sipereti (N/A, N/A) Dostolletoun uccars on twu eries whoch os thi cradi tuwir end thi vecaam tuwir. (N/A, 2008) Thi Cunvirsoun pruciss cunvirts cradi uol ontu fonoshid prudacts sach es gesuloni. (N/A, 2008) Thin ot blinds doffirint chimocels tu meki gesuloni.

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(N/A, 2008)
Gesuloni eviregis ebuat $3.70 pir gellun ur hoghir, dipindong un thi rigoun. Obeme beckid duwn un drollong darong hos cempeogn whin ot guis thrietinid by thi GOP. Sonci thi uol spoll on thi Galf uf Mixocu yua hevi tu git niw uffshuri drollong pirmots. Dimucrets sey thet thiy’ri cuncirnid cotozins woth luwir oncumis wuald fiil thi bardin uf hoghir ges end fuud procis. (Birmen, 2011)
Sonci 1970, giulugosts, icunumosts end ondastry enelysts hevi biin wundirong jast huw lung wurldwodi sapplois woll kiip ap woth gruwong dimend. Thiy sey thet thiy istometid thet wi hevi ebuat 2 trolloun berrils lift. Sonci 1998, thi proci uf e berril uf uol hed fellin tu $12. Thi glubel dimend fur uol os carrintly et muri then 80 molloun berrils pir dey. (msnbc.cum, 2013)

Wond Enirgy

Wi asi wond tarboni su wi cen asi thi wond's inirgy tu ginireti ilictrocoty. At 100 fiit ebuvigruand, thiy cen teki edventegi uf thi festir end liss tarbalint wond. Fermirs end renchirs on wondy eries cen elsu asi wond tarbonis es e wey tu cat thior ilictroc bolls. Smell wond systims elsu hevi putintoel es dostrobatid inirgy risuarcis. (RiniwebliEnirgyWurld.cum, 1999=2013)
Wond inirgy os prudacid by wondmolls. Thi bledis un e wondmoll cetch thi wond end thi wondmoll tarns. Thi giniretur prudacis ilictrocoty by sponnong e megnit onsodi e cuol uf woris. Thin thi megnit tarns, end ot furcis ilictruns thruagh thi woris end ilictrocoty os giniretid. (Mocheil Daty, 1999-2013)
Accurdong tu thi wondastry must uf thi tarbonis onstellid tudey ebuat $3-$4 molloun tu onstell. Wond tarbonis liss then 100 koluwetts cust eruand $3,000 tu $8,000 pir koluwett uf cepecoty. 10 koluwett mechoni os bog inuagh tu puwir humi end moght hevi e cust uf $50,000-$80,000 ur muri tu onstell. Thi custs fur e wond tarboni on 2012 wiri fur $1.3 molloun tu $2.2 molloun dullers. (Wondastry, 2000-2012)
Thi stringth uf wond os nivir cunsostint. Lergi wond ferms eri niidid tu bi pruvodid su intori cummanotois cen hevi inuagh ilictrocoty. Pullatoun os prudacid whin mekong thi wond tarbonis. Thi tarbonis eri viry nuosy. (Ryen, 2005-2009)
Wond inirgy os frii end ot woll nivir ran uat. Whin ot os onstellid ot duisn’t meki eny eor pullatoun. Thiy hevi e bog ruli on thi divilupid cuantrois end thord wurld. Thiy cumi on meny doffirint sozis whoch elluw meny doffirint piupli tu asi thim fur doffirint riesuns. (Ryen, 2005-2009)
Wi niid wond tu ivin prudaci thi ilictrocel inirgy. A lergi erie uf lend su wi cen baold meny wond tarbonis. Wong bledis woth e spicofoc engli fur doffirint wond spiids. Thi cumpeny thet menafectari thi perts tu baold thi wond tarbonis. (N/A, 2012)
Pulotocel Impect uf Wond Enirgy. Obeme elluwid thi Cepi Wond prujict tu cuntonai ots ondastry elung Cepi Cud on Messechasitts. Obeme hes medi riniwebli inirgy e tup prouroty - vuwong tu duabli thi cuantry’s uatpat on thrii yiers. Obeme pat muri then $800 molloun dullers on thi Amirocen Ricuviry end Rionvistmint Act tu sappurt meny doffirint konds uf riniwebli inirgy. Obeme elluwid Cepi Wond prujict tu bi ebli tu pat ap 130 tarbonis wothon soght uf thi Cepi Cud shuriloni. (Jusiph Wibir, 2010)

Ricycli Plen
My plen os tu cunsirvi eri netarel risuarcis. By duong thos I niid hilp frum thi coty. Thos miens I niid thi piupli uf thi coty tu stert ricyclong gless buttlis. Thi guel os tu hilp thi invorunmint by nut pullatong end lottirong. Thi ixtre metiroels fur thos plen eri yua niid timpiretaris et 2,600 digriis Fehrinhiot (Wist, 2013), Extre tresh cens fur thi gless buttlis end I woll niid e gerbegi track jast fur ricyclid gless buttlis. Thi ixtre gerbegi track os tu unly cumi eruand thi nioghbur huud unci iviry twu wiiks tu cullict eny ricyclid gless buttlis. Thos woll sevi piupli frum drovong ell thi wey tu e Ricyclong Cintir. By duong thos ot hilps uar netarel risuarcis sach es send, lomistuni, end sude esh. (Wist, 2013) Gless os medi frum netarel metiroels loki es send end lomistuni, whoch miens gless cunteonirs hevi e luw reti uf chimocel ontirectoun. Thin thet mekis thi gless sefi tu riasi meny tomis. If yua thruw ewey yuar gless buttlis ot tekis mollouns uf yiers tu dicumpusi. It tekis thorty deys fur e gless buttli tu bi beck un thi sturi shilf. Dosedventegis oncladi ots fregoloty, wioght, end custs uf uni wey shoppong. (GEA Prucumec S.p.A., 2013) Whin yua teki ot tu e ricycli cintir yua woll git ebuat 5-10 cints pir buttli. (RovirSodi Ricylong, 2013) I thonk thos woll sevi muniy un thi netarel risuarci thet os asid tu meki gless sach es lomistuni. Thos woll hilp gless nut bi thruwn uat end gu tu e lend foll whoch tekis uvir e molloun yiers tu briek duwn. (GEA Prucumec S.p.A., 2013)
Thos os my weys I fuand uat un huw tu sevi Pitruliam end Wond Enirgy. By duong thos I moght bi ebli tu andirstend whet typi uf inirgy wi asi tudey end whet typi uf inirgy thet wiri guong tu niid tu asi unci ell thi Pitruliam os ell guni.

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