Essay Energy Is The Most Important Components Of Economic Infrastructure

Essay Energy Is The Most Important Components Of Economic Infrastructure

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Energy is one of the most important components of economic infrastructure. It is the basic input required to sustain economic growth. In modern times, there has been an improvement in lifestyle since a better life can be translated into faster transport, faster communication and faster manufacturing processes. Considering different nations all over the world, there is direct relation between the level of economic development and per capita energy consumption. At present, this parameter for India is 300, for UK is 15 times more while for USA, it is about 30 times more. This simply proves that electricity as the most popular and indispensable form of energy be it in the thermal form, mechanical form, for lighting purposes or for transportation systems.
Recently, there has been an increased usage of renewable energy sources at small-scale decentralized systems with capacity in the kW scale and also at the medium-scale systems (often called utility-scale) with capacity of a few MW. Large Scale systems still make use of fossil fuel technologies to produce hundreds of MW. The following sections introduce the conventional and non-conventional technologies out there. It also gives their main features and characteristics and also a comparative analysis of these power generation types.

The commercial non-conventional energy technologies for electricity generation are briefly discussed next. Their main features are provided, together with an insight into their common scale and real applications.

Solar energy is one of the renewable energy sources that are highly sought after because of its applications and also as of the cleanest forms of energy. Solar energy applications are con...

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...on the American market. The most common brands were Wincharger (200 to 1200 W) and Jacobs (1.5 to 3 kW). These were used on farms to charge storage batteries which were then used to operate radios, lights, and small appliances with voltage ratings of 12, 32, or 110 volts. A good selection of 32-VDC appliances was developed by the industry to meet this demand. After World War II, we entered the era of cheap oil imported from the Middle East. Interest in wind energy died and companies making small turbines folded. The oil embargo of 1973 served as a wakeup call, and oil-importing nations around the world started looking at wind again. The two most important countries in wind power development since then have been the U.S. and Denmark though the recent world leader of wind farms is China who has been progressing rapidly in the last few years with a large wind potential.

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