Essay about Energy Efficiency and Sustaining Resources For the Future

Essay about Energy Efficiency and Sustaining Resources For the Future

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Energy Efficiency and Sustaining Resources For the Future

Do Americans or human beings as a whole need to be more energy cautious? I think we need to become better educated and make knowledgeable decisions in how we use our energy and at what rate in which we use it. The brutal truth of the matter is that our resources of energy we are using are not going to last forever. In the United States we consumed 94,231 trillion Btu during 1997. The state of New York alone used 4.24% of that total energy, or about 4,000 trillion Btu of energy (“How much?”, Internet). We need to move away from the excessive use of energy, especially energy generated from fossil fuels. The main problem with fossil fuels is not that they are running out, but that they release carbon dioxide when burnt, which is inevitably the main cause of global warming and climate change. Our dependence on fossil fuels will have to change. As reserves run out or become uneconomic to extract, renewable energies will become our only option. Just to name other forms of pollution emitted by fossil fuels are sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. These to add to problems in are environment.

So what do you we do now? Stand by and see our resources become deleted as the result of irresponsible use and poor development of alternative resources? The alternatives, if implemented, can bring America: cleaner air, less global warming pollution, vibrant public lands, and reasonably priced power in the future. The examples being: solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermic, and biomass. By incorporating these alternative resources into our energy producing routine, we can significantly alter not only the pollutants released into our atmosphere, but we can also ...

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