The Energy Crisis that South Africa is Facing Essay

The Energy Crisis that South Africa is Facing Essay

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1. Introduction
The energy crises that South Africa is currently facing is about to lead the country to its economic downfall. This leads to each and every household in a South African Citizen having to start saving energy and using it efficiently.

When one home starts saving, it will actually influence the whole community, country then finally the whole nation. This will not only uplift the economy of the country but it will actually also allow other neighbouring countries which currently not having access to electricity to get a chance to have electricity too (Davidson, Mwakasonda, 2003).

Part of this investigation is to introduce and improve on current ways of how to use energy efficiently looking at a Residential accommodation, using 30 people living in the same floor as a baseline.

2. Background Statement
South Africa experienced a wet season, whereby there were heavy rains which ruined the main supplying source of coal. Due to this incident, the country is facing black outs (Blaine, 2014). Since Eskom is the one energy based companies that supplies the country with 95% of the power (Blaine, 2014), it is also finding difficulties in meeting South Africa’s energy demands, as the demand is expected to be twice the current level in 2030 (South Africa. Info, 2012).
Eskom has also mentioned that even the Industrial sector have contributed cutting low their consumptions but it is certainly not enough too.
[3] During peak times, there are two power stations that deliver reserve power but the problem is that the dam levels are low at these two power stations.
South Africa is also importing insufficient power from Zimbabwe.

3. Hypothesis
The energy crisis is an issue that depends on an individual to use energy effi...

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1)Microwave 2000W
230v-240v 5min-0.083h 2 332Wh
2) Stove 2500W
230V 45min-0.75h 1 1875Wh
3) Fridge 1.4KWh
220v-240v 24h 1 33600Wh
4) Iron 1200W
230v 5min-0.083h 1 99.6Wh
5) Kettle 2000W
230v 1.30-0.022h 3 132Wh
6) Normal Incandescent light 100W
230v 1440min-24 1 2400Wh
Total power consumed: 38438.6Wh
Figure A
Figure A indicates the energy consumption of appliances before modifications

1.Microwave 2000W 5min-0.083h 2 332Wh
2.Stove 2500W 45min-0.75h 1 1875Wh
3. Fridge 1400W 24h 1 33600Wh
4. Iron 1200W 5min-0.083h 1 99.6Wh
5. Hydro-boiler 1500W 1.30min-0.022h 3 99Wh
6. Eskom lights 14W 1440min-24h 1 336Wh
Total power consumed: 36341.6Wh

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