The Energy Costs Of Solar Bulbs Essay

The Energy Costs Of Solar Bulbs Essay

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LED Light Bulbs | Electrician Huntsville, AL
While it is true the incandescent light bulb brought light to a dark world, it lacks the efficiency required today. With energy production increasingly expensive, light bulbs need to be more energy efficient and longer lasting. LED light bulbs provide today’s need for energy efficiency and a long service life. While the LED light bulb is relatively new, it is an extremely efficient means of lighting. However, LED technology is still under development, and selection can be difficult for the many people. If you require the installation of new light fixtures, or other electrical services, contact a Mister Sparky electrician in Huntsville, AL.
LED’s are a great substitute for incandescent bulbs. They are rated to last 25,000 hours or at least 22 years depending on the hours of use. Furthermore, LED’s consume a fraction of the energy of incandescent bulbs. While LED light bulbs cost more, you should consider the energy costs of a bulb using 80% less energy than an incandescent and lasting 22 years, to the cost of a bulb that consumes greater energy, and last one year in the case of an incandescent, and an average of five years for a CFL. The LED is hands down the winner in energy efficiency and longevity, and is available for almost any need. If you are in need of lighting installation, contact a Mister Sparky electrician in Huntsville, AL today.
If you live an older home with outdated light fixtures, LED lighting can be better for older wiring as it draws less wattage. However, older light fixtures will probably need replacement. Contact a Mister Sparky electrician in Huntsville, AL for installation of light fixtures and/or wiring replacement.
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...ectrician in Huntsville, AL can provide the installation you need.
Consumers should purchase name brand bulbs, as cheaper LED’s will not achieve the promised lifespan. The adage of “you get what you pay for” is especially true with LED lighting.
It should also be stated that not every LED light bulb can be used in every type of fixture, a ceiling fan, for example; will require a specific type of LED bulb. If you plan to install new light fixtures, and are ready to make the switch to Led lighting, contact a Mister Sparky licensed electrician. We can assist you in the selection of LED light bulbs, and install the light fixture that you need. A Mister Sparky electrician in Huntsville, AL has the expertise you can rely on, and offer a wide range of electrical services for your convenience. We serve the North Alabama region, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.

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