Endorsements: The American Sports Brand Essay

Endorsements: The American Sports Brand Essay

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Endorsements are a manifestation of promoting that uses well known identities or big names who summon a high level of recognition, trust, and appreciation or mindfulness among the people. Such individuals promote for an item loaning their names or pictures to advertise an item or organization. Sponsors and customers trust such support, or underwriting by a celebrity, will impact purchasers positively. There are many risks in using celebrity endorsements but group research for Nike has proven that the rewards outweigh the risks. This type of advertising connects more with the people that the company is selling to. Ordinary people won’t have much of an impact on a product. Celebrities are famous and people admire them. These ads will work well for aspiration of a brand. Therefore the more famous the endorser, the more expensive the product will be.
Nike has many celebrity endorsements. The American sports brand is the biggest in the world with a total worth of about 49 billion. Here are the top 11 celebrity endorsement deals that Nike has made over the years.
1. Michae...

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