The Endless Cycle of the American Cockroach Essay examples

The Endless Cycle of the American Cockroach Essay examples

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The American cockroach was introduced to the United States from Africa as early as 1625. They belong to the Kingdom: Animalia, Phylum: Arthropoda, Class: Insecta (Insecta: Blattodea: Blattidae), Order: Dictyoptera, and Family: Blattidae. Its common name is American cockroach and scientific name is Periplaneta Americana (Linnaeus). American cockroaches are normally between one and one and a half inches in length. They are oval shaped and reddish-brow with yellow fringes on the area of the body behind the head as adults. They hide in dark crevices during the day, which could include: sewer and drainage systems, cracks and crevices of a house, steam tunnels, large institutional buildings and basements. They emerge at night to hunt for food. They’ll eat pretty much anything. Although it prefers sweets, they have been observed eating paper, boots, hair, bread, fruit, book bindings, fish, peanuts, old rice, putrid sake, the soft part on the inside of animal hides, cloth and dead insects. American cockroaches rarely come indoors unless there is heavy rain or they’re searching for food and ...

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