The Ending The War : The Push For National Reconciliation Essay

The Ending The War : The Push For National Reconciliation Essay

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The excerpt The Ending the War: The Push for National Reconciliation by David Blight, edited by Hoffman, Elizabeth Cobbs, Edward Blum and Jon Gjerde, in Major Problems in American History: Documents and Essays (Wadsworth, Cengage Leaning 2012) Blight argues historical memory that holds more importance than that of the Civil War. Like the Revolution, the memory of the Civil War played a role after the conflict. The concurrent issues in American society after the Civil War and against legislation to increase not decrease the racial problem in the South. Newly freed African Americans struggle to assimilate into society and be accepted as equal citizens in the reconstruction of the Union. This excerpt is rhetorically effective with statements on events that introduce critical example for major social events dated back to reconcile issues after the Civil War that lead into major social issues of the next century.
Blight dissects the concept of justice became overshadowed by reconciliation. Racial equality and emancipation were casualties to the healing of the sectional divide. The excerpt controversial issue throughout historical revisionism on how positive and negative stands are upheld for the Northern and Southern population, the Federal Government and shortage of the punishment dealt to the Confederate South. Blight explains how the Union reunites their differences with Southern leadership through avoiding the hard work to change the Union to actually reconstruct the social order that was needed against the confederate hostility, but only continues to embrace their white Southern remembrance. For example Blight brings up songs like, A Southern Song Opposes Reconstruction and war memorials. Blight 's arg...

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... to remember and give meaning to the war with rhetorical effectiveness throughout the excerpt. Blight accomplishes the main theme of competing memories with different ideals of the Civil War seeking to overcome the issue for a reunion. A majority of America’s white community chose to obscure the Civil War’s racial meaning behind a front of attitudes that acclaimed both Northern and Southern soldiers. Later Blight uses the themes of ending the war with a push for national reconciliation to demonstrate how the country’s efforts toward racial Reconstruction ultimately gave way to Jim Crow laws and the policies of racial segregation. Further, Blight helps to explain the long historiographical debate over the meaning and the cause of the Civil War and persuaded the reader with the tendency of many Americans to view both the North and the South with respect and honor.

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