Ending the Life of a Best Friend in Of Mice and Men by Jon Steinbeck Essay

Ending the Life of a Best Friend in Of Mice and Men by Jon Steinbeck Essay

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What were you thinking when you killed innocent Lennie? Some people believe that the killing of Lennie was like the killing of his puppy. Others feel it was comparable to the killing of Candy’s dog. Lennie, like his dog, was innocent and unaware of the cruel world around him. However, Lennie, with his physical strength, also killed many innocent beings, including a weak and innocent puppy and, killed a human being. In contradiction, Carlson killed Candy’s dog in an act of compassion to relieve an old and suffering animal. Did Lennie then become like Candy’s dog and killed by you in an act of kindness and compassion? There is debate weather or not your decision to end the life of your best friend was valid. As a reader your actions were portrayed as an act of courage. The decision to put Lennie to rest in John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men was a courageous act because it enabled Lennie to be freed from the cruel world in which he lived and to live in the make believe world that he and you had dreamed of. Killing Lennie also saved you from another situation like the one in Weed; however, is Lennie’s death also the death of your dream?

To begin, the death of Lennie allowed him to be freed from the cruel world in which he lived and to live in the make believe world that he and you had dreamed of. Lennie could sense danger when he arrived at the ranch; he said "Le’s go, George. Le’s get outta here. It’s mean here." (Steinbeck 33). Many characters throughout the novel antagonized Lennie; Curley tried starting trouble when he thought Lennie was laughing at him. When you were at the Cat House, Lennie met with Crooks and Curley’s wife. Crooks told Lennie that you weren’t going to come back. In the novel it states “Crook’s face lig...

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...dly, your killing of your friend was an act of compassion for your friend, but ultimately may have been a death for yourself. The death of your best friend allowed him to be freed from the cruel world in which he lived and to live in the make believe world that he and you had dreamed of. Killing Lennie also saved you from another situation like the one in Weed; however, the death of Lennie was also the death of your dream. You lost more then a friend when you lost Lennie, you lost your dream of living a better life. However, perhaps Slim, in his wisdom, will guide you to live out your dream. Don’t let Lennie’s death stop you from fulfilling your dream from owning a farm. Perhaps, one day when you are sitting quietly along a long and narrow pool of water, you will reach down to drink the cool water and see a soft white bunny hopping in the gentle, rolling hills.

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