Ending Foreclosures: An Economic Resolution Essay

Ending Foreclosures: An Economic Resolution Essay

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There is a solution to the Foreclosure Crisis. I do not propose that this is my own answer, but that it is born out of Love. The love for all my family and friends and the country as a whole is the reason for this proposal. Their fates and indeed the fates of our way of life in America depend on what we do at this time in history. The admiration and love for the foundation on which this country was established is an additional motivating factor. Needless to say we can neither turn our backs on all those who have shed blood and even given their very lives for the principles of our America. To allow this jewel of freedom and prosperity to falter and deteriorate would be the most monumental political plunder ever recorded. We can not afford to blow this opportunity.

First we should ask ourselves, why are we giving money to the same greedy individuals that are responsible for the predicament we find ourselves in? If the people must pay this money back, why can they not benefit directly from this economic package? At this point the President fully expects the people to repay the borrowed money through taxes. Through the money changers it seems the citizens of the United States, will be allowed to borrow their own money back at what will no doubt be at ridiculous interest rates. It is the people’s money, for we are the ones who are required to repay the loans. So the citizenry must be permitted to benefit.
In order for this proposal to go forward and be successful there is one thing that is of most importance. Every citizen must acknowledge and accept the realization that we are all aboard the same sinking ship. Our financial fates are inescapably connected.
Now to insure that this concept is given an even chance to survive an...

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