End of World War I Led to World War II Essay

End of World War I Led to World War II Essay

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World War I had been the main cause that led to World War II. The victors of World War I, namely France and Britain, had placed the blame of the war on Germany. The Treaty of Versailles was a peace treaty that was signed at the end of World War I. It ended the state of war between the Allied Powers and Germany. In the Treaty of Versailles, the Germans were being legally forced to pay the reparations of World War I. This led to the downfall of Germany. Germany went into a depression, quite awhile before the Great Depression began in the United States. As bad as things got in the United States, they were a lot worse in Germany. In Germany, it would cost a wheelbarrow full of money to purchase a loaf of bread; that is, if the bakery was even to have any bread left. money was almost worthless. There was a shortage of food. The German military had been downsized. Germany had lost territory, resources, and 16% of their population. Germany was very angry. But who was to blame for all of the problems that Germany was facing? In Hitler’s opinions, it was the Jews. Hitler managed to convince a large portion of the german population that if the followers of the Jewish faith were eradicated, Germany would be able to get everything they had lost back and more.

One thing that the Germans wanted was power. They also wanted land, but they didn’t only want the land that they had lost back. They wanted to take over all of Europe. They wanted to show the world that Germans were superior. Hitler believed that the Aryan race (blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin, etc.) was far superior to other races. With desire for Germany’s goals to be met, Hitler began to take action. He sent Germany into wars, broke promises made with allies, and started setti...

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...n was in ruins from extensive bombing. England was having problems from extensive bombing as well. Both England and France lost their status of power. The United States and the Soviet Union gained power and became the “Superpowers” of the world. Russia had built up a more powerful army. The United States’ economy majorly improved. They also became the leading military power. The war also led to enormous technological progress universally.

As the world began recovering from World War II, it fell into a state of political hostility and military tension. A lot of the tension was between the two superpowers: the Soviet Union and the United States. The United States formed NATO and the Soviet Union formed the Warsaw Pact. The two sides never actually went into combat, but they had armed in preparation. By the 1970s, they came to the point of agreement until the 1980s.

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